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What I’ve Been Reading

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Hello everyone! How are you guys doing today? I'm back with another long over due What I've Been Reading blog post - one of my favorite reoccurring segments to write. In case you're new here, my What I've Been Reading series is where I post mini-reviews for a few books I've read at a time. Over the past few days, I've been indulging in my romance addiction more and more. Between physical book mail I've recently received and my trusted Kindle Unlimited subscription, there's no shortage of choices for me to peruse. I actually may be reading more romance than I probably should given my neglected tbr this month, but what can you do?

Title: Aphrodite In Bloom

Author: Anonymous

Genre: Romance, Erotica, Anthology

Description: This erotic anthology has something for everyone and caters to many different tastes and proclivities. Discover what interests or excites you. Explore which is your perfect story. Return to it again and again. We dare you.

A virgin receives an especially satisfying gift at a masked ball...

A duke offers to settle a man’s debt for one night with his wife...

As an introduction to a secret club, a viscount’s heir is made over into a woman—and discovers her true self...

Plus nine more sensual stories of libidinous lust, catering to the tastes of varying sexual appetites. Whatever your fancy, Aphrodite in Bloom is ready and willing to serve…

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

I gleefully picked up Aphrodite in Bloom after receiving a copy from Entangled Publishing. Thank you to them for my copy. It in no way impacts my review.

Aphrodite in Bloom is an erotic anthology of stories focused on various aspects of sex and sensuality. It features twelve short stories that follow these lustful tales from start to finish. You'll find a story for every fancy and desire alike. Since they're more common in the genre, I've read a few of these compilation in my time as a romance, and erotica, reader and this one has a flavor for all of us.

One thing I can say is that the book delivers on everything it promises from the delightfully wicked to the unconventionally decadent. I immediately noticed when I started reading Aphrodite in Bloom how inclusive it proves itself to be. There's a storyline for everyone, which isn't an exaggeration in the slightest. I guarantee that anyone can go into this book and find a fantasy that they can indulge in reading.

The book also gained brownie points from me for including relevant trigger warnings before each new section. It allows people who may not feel at ease with certain topics to skip and read where they feel comfortable.

Purchase Links

Amazon // Barnes & Noble


Title: Watch Me

Author: Sloane Kennedy

Genre: Romance

Description: Nikolai

My rules when it comes to my job in personal protection are pretty simple:

1. Protect the client’s life, not their feelings.

2. Don’t put hands on a client unless you’re getting them out of harm’s way.

3. For God’s sake, don’t do something stupid like fall in love.

Twenty-four hours after meeting Jude Archer, rules 1 and 2 are already out the window.

Thankfully there’s no chance of falling for the callous businessman who cares more about his next deal than he does his own safety.

Jude may have managed to make fools of all the guys his wealthy boss and rumored lover has hired to watch him, but he’s playing in the big leagues now. The son of a bitch might not value his life, but I’m pretty fond of mine.

Time to teach the clueless Jude Archer a few hard lessons…


My rules for success aren’t for everyone, but they should be.

1. Work hard.

2. When you’re on the verge of giving up, work harder. Life owes you nothing. You have to take what you want.

3. For God’s sake, don’t do something stupid like get distracted by feelings.

With just weeks between me and the closing of the deal that will give me everything I want, I don’t have time to worry about a supposed stalker who hasn’t had the balls to do anything more than send a few threatening letters to my wealthy boss.

Sure, I sent a few so-called bodyguards packing. Even if I thought I was in serious danger, I can’t have someone watching me 24/7. My life works the way it does for a reason and no one, not even the gorgeous Russian ex-soldier who thinks he can scare me into submission, is going to change that.

Nikolai Falkov thinks he has something to teach me? Yeah, good luck with that.

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

(Trigger Warnings: Violence, Attempted Murder, Threats)

Do you know the trope for romantic couples where one is grumpy and the other is a ray of sunshine? Watch Me by Sloane Kennedy is similar to that except it is a book where they're both the grumpy one, and it is painfully adorable.

Watch Me has all the romance and fluff you could want with a serious subplot and a nice helping of drama. It alternates well between the combating sides of its story. The constant shifting of the narrative leaves the reader incapable of looking away in the best possible sense. Whether you're reading about cute domesticity or shoot outs, there is never a dull moment to be found.

I would classify Watch Me as a romantic suspense novel. While it has all the classic romance elements, it also contains an ominous mystery lurking below the surface. The author does an exceptional job at showing snapshots of a life Nikolai and Jude could share, that leave you rooting for their happily-ever-after, even as the pot starts to boil over in every other aspect.

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