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The Tea: Book Box Edition

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Book boxes have become a quintessential part of the bookish community. Arguably they're one of the most profitable book based endeavors on the market now. We all just find them so exciting with their offerings of usually one of the following: bookish goodies, special editions, or signed books.

As a consumer, I often find myself checking out Instagram accounts and Facebook groups to find out the latest book box details and happenings. I'm always thrilled to see discussions about new themes, unboxings, and chats about the various ways in which certain businesses are run. One of my many ways of de-stressing is to habitually check these places for information and, yes, occasionally tea.

* All reviews are my own. They come from my own experience with the companies and information I've gathered in the community. Featured boxes are all ones I have received a product from at some point.

  • Bae Crate

Box Description: Adult Romance Box.

Price: $29.00 + Shipping

Thoughts: I have personally received two Bae Crate boxes and every time it has been a definite joy. Frequently the inclusions are paperback and signed. The books don't come from one specific genre apart from romance which means you can end up surprised with a range from paranormal to historical fiction. The items are less fandom based than other boxes but they still go along with the monthly theme.

I definitely think, while I adored the box I received, that a person to enjoy them must A.) Love Romance - Duh and B.) be interested in more practical everyday items with casual bookish connotations.

I personally love the items they send and have found them to be perfect for the everyday. I often use the inclusions as a daily occurrence. An example of an item from a box I received being chapstick that has become a staple in my makeup routine. I've also found a lot of their items are bookstagram suited and go really well in pictures.

Rating: 5/5

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  • Book of The Month

Box Description: Monthly Book Subscription

Price: $14.99 a month + $9.99 for Add-Ons

Thoughts: Book of The Month, BOTM, is a book subscription that gives you one new hardcover a month. The books are not signed but they have the BOTM logo and are less expensive than what one would pay at a normal retailer. Their website also boasts the fact that they are very thorough in their picks and have early releases.

My experience with them is relatively new as I only recently subscribed. I have received two months of boxes with a total of three books. I definitely recommend them as a nice treat for yourself. The deal is unbeatable at the price point and I've found that all the books arrive in great condition after shipping.

Rating: 5/5

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  • Enchanted Fandoms

Box Description: Fandom Box - Book is Not Always Included

Price: Monthly Box is $39.99 + Shipping

Thoughts: Enchanted Fandoms is primarily a fandom box that does not always include a book - which is something to keep in mind. Their focus is on fandoms from various media forms including books and movies. They offer goods from many small shops in their box and even create some items of their own.

I won my first box from them in a giveaway. Honestly I wasn't sure what to expect as I rarely find representation in fandoms because I'm always so behind on the times. But this box was such a pleasant surprise. It included fandom goods that weren't just fun but also usable. Even the items for fandoms I am not a part of became some of my favorites.

I have yet to be able to buy from them again but I hope to and definitely encourage others to do the same.

Rating: 5/5

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  • Shelflove Crate

Description: YA Fantasy and Sci-Fi Box

Price: $29.99 + Shipping

Thoughts: Shelflove is a subscription box that has been known for their quality and special editions. They include a hardcover book signed by the author, either in the book or via bookplate. Their instagram boast over 35k followers and they have become very well known in the community.

I have bought one box from Shelflove at the beginning of 2019 I believe. I was very excited when I heard they were doing a special edition of Romanov by Nadine Brandes and absolutely had to have it . Their shipping was late but nothing too extreme. I received good quality items in my box so overall it was a positive experience.

Sadly though, that hasn't been the case recently. Customers have been reporting extremely late boxes and past items. They have also dealt with the horror of the shelflove advent disaster that can be found here. Shelflove did make the decision to enact a number of changes to hopefully help with their current issues including limiting the number of boxes available and working to improve their relationship with a fulfillment center.

But as of now, they aren't a company I can endorse in good faith. Hopefully in the future that will change

Rating: 3.5/5 from my purchase made a long time ago. 1/5 for recent performance described by others.

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Description: A Fantasy Subscription Box

Price: $33.90 + Shipping

Thoughts: Fairyloot is one of the biggest boxes in the bookish community. They have become established for their signed books, special editions, reversible dust jackets, and sprayed edges among other things. They are a UK based box but recently established a US site for American customers.

I have received one box from Fairyloot. I am actually hoping to subscribe sometime this year if possible given their high demand. The box came perfectly on time and was packed with some of my favorite goodies. In terms of quality, the items were amazing and, as a rarity, I didn't end up trying to sell anything in BST Groups.

Rating: 5/5

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Description: Book Box For Writers

Price: $29.99 + Shipping

Thoughts: Scribbler is very unique in the book box world based on the fact that it is made by writers for writers. It comes with one book that the creators believe does something in the writing sphere well and then coordinates the theme around it. They include inside looks into the publishing and writing process from the chosen author which can be super beneficial for writers.

I have gotten one box from scribbler and, while it was good, I wasn't wowed by the actual items. The box was delivered exactly on time - possibly being the most punctual one I've received. I had no issues with the actual service at all. The information is valuable by itself and honestly I feel it's worth it in that regard given how few similar boxes their are to purchase.

Rating: 3/5

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