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The Best Choices Books To Date: Part 2

Some time ago, I made a list of the best Choices books on my blog. You can find the previous post here. There has been a bit of development since then as I realized I can actually add Choices books to my Goodreads goal. I had never been happier than when I discovered this because I do read a lot of these books in a year.

With all of that happening, wouldn't you know it, more books have been released and I've caught up on some older ones. What does that mean? It means I figure it's time for another list of my favorite choices books. Spoiler alert: I love a solid 3/4 of their library and I have high hopes for future books.


It Lives Anthology


Book 1: Something old and powerful lives in the woods surround the small town of Westchester...something that knows your name.

Book 2. Start your new life in the town

Genres: Mystery, Horror

The It Lives Anthology has been out for a while now. I, however, have just recently gotten around to reading it. This series of standalones in the same universe is such a refreshing change from what I usually gravitate toward on choices, romance and contemporary. I rarely find something outside those confounds that I enjoy as much as the It Lives series.

One of the perks was that it didn't feel like if you weren't spending ludicrous amounts of diamonds you were missing out on too much. I've had that happen a few times and honestly just the main story of this one without any diamond choices is such a great experience. I will admit though the diamond choices are always killer.

My personal favorite was It Lives In The Woods but both are pretty spectacular in my opinion.


The Nanny Affair

Description: You were just hired as a live-in nanny, but you're growing dangerously close to your new boss. Can you handle the consequences of a forbidden romance?

Genres: Romance, Drama

The Nanny Affair is maybe one of my all-time favorite romances from the platform. It's such a great adult romance that satisfies the sweet tooth. It's definitely not kid-appropriate but it really shows the creators trying to expand their audience - which I'm all for.

The thing with the romances on the Choices app is that for the most part you have to spend diamonds to make them enjoyable so that's something to bear in mind.

I do feel like The Nanny Affair delivers on the hot and steamy romance I've been craving from Choices. It has awesome art and a great storyline centered around forbidden romance. If you love romance I can guarantee you'll find this one to be amazing - diamond choices required.


Blades of Light and Shadow

Description: Travel with your party of adventurers across the Kingdom of Morella to defeat the forces of the Shadow Court.

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure

Blades of Light and Shadow is one of my newest favorite adventure stories. It ranks right up there with The Crown and The Flame which is a classic choices book. It gave me all the high fantasy vibes with so many fun new elements of gameplay including gathering skillsets and choosing your species such as orcs, elves, and humans.

The greatest part of this fantasy adventure book was you don't need to spend gems to enjoy the book. I bought one diamond choice through the whole thing and never felt like I was missing out on vital parts of the book. The diamond choices are always fun but I appreciate it when the main storyline doesn't feel patchy.

Book Two is supposed to be on the way and honestly I can't wait to read it. If it's anything like the first book I'm sure it will be a smash hit.


Baby Bump

Description: In this brand new Choices story, you're hunting for your dream job when you get some unexpected news... you're pregnant! Chase your dreams, find love, and experience all the highs and lows of pregnancy in Baby Bump.

Genres: Romance, Rom-Com

When it came to Baby Bump, I will admit I was excited from the jump. I have a thing for pure domestic romance and this book was exactly that. If that's not your thing I won't say you will enjoy it but there's definitely a subgroup of people who will. It's basically a cute contemporary novel with all the warm fuzzy feelings.

I loved it and can't recommend it enough. It was also really good in regards to not having to spend excessive amounts of diamonds to enjoy the book, which I find rare for romance-esque reads on choices.

Baby Bump is set to have a sequel though no release date has been released yet. I will be impatiently anticipating its return.


Queen B

Description: Welcome to Belvoire, New Girl. Do you have what it takes to steal Queen Bee’s crown? Let the games begin <3?

Genres: Romance, Drama

I know there's only been like five chapters of Queen B released but it is EVERYTHING - so far. Mind you I am spending way more diamonds than I usually do but I'm absolutely loving the storyline. It has romance and drama to the max that has me swooning.

It just has such a great take charge of the narrative style that sometimes can be lacking. You really get to make decisions that matter, along with simple and fun ones. The branching out of various paths from romance to good vs. evil is a cool concept for Choices to explore.

We'll just have to wait and see how the book progresses...


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