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The Best Choices Books To Date

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

One possibly little known fact about me as a book blogger is that I love the story based game Choices. I read it constantly and do my best to stay up to date when new chapters are released weekly. I often wish I could count it toward my Goodreads goal but alas I can't - the most tragic story for a bookish person.

So I thought instead I would share my favorite Choices books. I have chosen from the wide range of ones available on the platform, and they do have a number to choose from. Mind you these are all my objective opinions and everyone has different tastes so what I enjoy may vary widely from what others do.

Now with that let's dive into it.



Description: You're applying for a job with brilliant CEO billionaire Adrian Raines... but there's more to him than it seems. Urban fantasy meets romance in this sexy vampire thriller.

Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Drama

Bloodbound is a really great supernatural/vampire book with heavy romance elements. The story is one that sucks you in with its lively, ignore the pun, characters and personal relationships. All the characters are vibrant and unforgettable with many fan favorites from Kamilah to Lily - both who are kick ass women examples of this.

There was quite a long wait between the first and second book, which are now both completed, but I think many will agree it was well worth it. The team behind Choices has teased us with a 3rd book supposedly coming later this fall which is something for fans to look forward to.

Update: The newest book has been released and it is nice to dive back into the vampire world.

A Courtesan of Rome

Description: Make your debut as a courtesan in Ancient Rome and plot your vengeance against Julius Caesar for his conquest of your homeland.

Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance, Drama

A Courtesan of Rome was a standalone addition to the Choices collection. It featured prominent historical figures such as Cleopatra, Caesar, and Marc Antony. The story follows the path of a courtesan in Rome who shapes history as it plays out and carves her own way into the events many are already familiar with.

The book follows intense drama and historical sabotage to craft a tale that became a favorite of many Choices users. The player's choices shape the quest for revenge for each reader and provide unique storylines for everyone.

The Freshman Series

Description: Welcome to Hartford University! You'll make friends for life, maybe even find true love. Will you date bookish James, party girl Kaitlyn, football hero Chris... or all three at once?

Genres: Romance, Drama, Contemporary

The freshman series was one of the first books I read on choices and fell in love with. It is one of the apps longest running stories with a total of 8 books in the main series. It follows the main character through all their years of college from freshman, as you may have guessed, to senior year.

The freshman was the book that really put Choices on the path that shaped its future. It is a staple of their collection and anyone would be remiss to exclude it from a favorites line-up.

Mother of The Year

Description: Being a single mom isn't easy, but when your daughter gets the chance to attend an elite private school, you move to a new town and make it work...

Genres: Romance, Drama, Contemporary

Mother Of The Year is a relatively new addition to the Choices library, meaning it's still being released as I type this. It follows a single mom storyline which is something refreshingly different from the team who runs the app.

As far as I am aware, there has been no information on whether there will be a sequel - I believe they avoid doing this until the last chapter is released. Saying that, Choices has recently placed a focus on one-off stories as opposed to their earlier focus of series such as The Freshman and The Crown and The Flame.

The Crown and The Flame

Description: Your enemies stole your kingdom, but now the time has come for you to raise an army, master magic, and reclaim your crown!

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Drama

The Crown and The Flame is another earlier Choices book, but that doesn't make it any less spectacular. As a series it featured 3 books that covered the journey of a fallen princess.

The story is a fantasy set in an engrossing world with characters that the player grows attached to over the course of the chapters. The wide range of fantasy elements quickly made it a fan favorite. It is one of a kind on the platform and stands out amongst the pack of endless books the app has to offer - if anyone is wondering there are over 30.

Open Heart

Description: You're the newest medical resident at Edenbrook Hospital, working under the brilliant and demanding Dr. Ethan Ramsey. Can You Make The Cut?

Genres: Romance, Drama, Contemporary

I love a good story set in the medical field. They are, admittedly, my weakness. And this story didn't disappoint.

Open Heart was the first book in what will be a series. The next is set to release sometime in the winter. But saying that no specific dates have been released.

The story follows an almost misfit band of residents as they navigate the hospital and the staff in it. It is filled with laughs, love, and losses as the main character works her way through the program. It has earned itself a spot on my favorites list because of its unique storyline, lovable characters, and the drama that leaves any reader unable to put it down - myself included.


Description: Logan isn't the type of boy you can bring home to Dad... Not when Dad's the detective tasked with taking down Logan's illegal street racing crew.

Genres: Romance, Drama, Contemporary

Ride or Die was met with some backlash online when it was announced as fans were worried the app would devolve into the kind of stereotypical stories that other apps, no names included, feature.

Presonally, I love a good bad boy story. They are a major guilty pleasure of mine that will never grow old. And this book in particular was done well.

It follows the main character as she gets mixed up with an illegal street racing crew. She struggles to balance her old life with her new one as she tries to keep her worlds from colliding. Basically it's everything you would want in a bad boy story.


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