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My Tips For Bookish Content Creation

I've seen a lot of people try to give advice on how to create bookish content. With everything from blog posts to bookstagram, it can seem confusing for those starting out - or even those who have been in the community for a while. I am by no means an expert, and everyone is different, but here I want to break down my top tips.

1. Interact with others on all platforms. This may seem like a tall order itself but it is the first tip I'm talking about for a reason. Interaction is vital to driving traffic to all your content. You'll want to interact with comments and talks with other individuals in the community. I can guarantee this will make a difference for your numbers as you continue to grow.

2. One thing I see often is people saying bookstagram is an unattainable platform with no point: it's not. Bookstagram functions like any other platform, you get what you put into it. And saying that, yes there are inconsistencies in the algorithm but putting out content you're proud of is a must. Everyone's style is different so comparing yourself to others is pointless - find what photos YOU like to take and share it with the internet.

Some Tips For Bookstagram Photos:

  • Find a good photo editing app/program. For a long time, I used Afterlight which is a great and free phone app for those starting out which I can't recommend enough. Once I found my groove I decided to move to VSCO (Yes I'm one of those girls) and I have enjoyed it immensely. Whether you decide to go with a free or paid program doesn't matter, find one you're comfortable with and above all else that benefits your content.

  • Try to maintain a schedule. Finding the right rhythm to posting is important so that followers know what to expect. I post once a day on bookstagram while others have their own schedule such as a few times a day or once a week. It will depend on your schedule and account preferences. When starting out I recommend experimenting to see what you find works best for you as an individual.

  • Please, and I cannot stress this enough, do not copy other people's content. There is such a thing as drawing inspiration but you'll want to make yours original. This includes reposting photos without permission or straight up copying a layout. You wouldn't want someone to take the content you make so why would you do it to someone else?

  • Choose a style. Do you prefer simple setups with neutral colors? Do you like personable shots with people's faces in them? Do you like outdoor shots? Do you like intricate designs of books? Do you like a combination of all of the above? I could go on forever. There are so many different ways to bookstagram. It isn't one size fits all. Everyone makes unique content and yours should be no exception.

3. Book Twitter is a great source for driving traffic. I will stand by this view forever. I have way less followers on twitter than I do bookstagram but the platform still always manages to drive a lot of traffic to my site and content. It has a more personable vibe and people want to get to know the creator behind the work - particularly in a fun and entertaining way.

4. Don't let the numbers take over. I know it can be hard not to stare endlessly at those analytics and compare it to what you're seeing from others but that's not good for anyone. I won't lie and say that I don't ever think about the numbers because the truth is I do. However, I also enjoy the content I create and will continue to do so no matter the numbers - I view them as a bonus.

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