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Make Me Dream by Dillon Bancroft Book Review

Title: Make Me Dream

Author: Dillon Bancroft

Genre: Romance

Rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

Description: Aria

They say snitches get stitches. Except I got all the stitches before I ever thought about trying to snitch. My abusive ex-boyfriend, one of the most powerful men in the country, is on the hunt for my silence. He’ll stop at nothing to make sure I’m six feet under for ratting him out to the FBI.

To make matters worse, I’m pregnant . . . with his baby. So why do I want to fall in bed with the sexy veterinarian who lives two doors down from me on the family farm? I can’t resist starting a no-strings attachment with the hot, single dad who doesn’t do forever. But it can’t be more than that. I’m on borrowed time. Forever will get us both killed.


The prodigal daughter returns to Sage Creek and I want to send her anywhere but here. I don’t need her brand of drama lurking around. Especially when I have a daughter I’m fighting to get sole custody of. But when my brother from another mother becomes her witness protection and brings her to the farm I work at, I’m forced to help keep Aria safe.

Her past is messy, and it most certainly gives me a headache I wasn’t looking for. I don’t do promises and happily ever afters. So why am I considering giving everything and more to Aria McKenzie when she strolls back into the barns of Sage Creek with a black eye, battered and broken?


* I received my copy of Make Me Dream by Dillon Bancroft from RMW Books, but all opinions are my own and are in no way impacted by this.

Trigger Warnings: Sexual Assault, Abuse, Assault, Death, Murder, Torture, Kidnapping

There is initially explicit and possibly triggering content. I don’t think the information was handled badly, just that it can be a lot at the start to digest and then throughout. I highly recommend readers keep the trigger warnings in mind when reading. Make Me Dream definitely discusses heavier topics within its pages which is something to be aware of for those going in with limited information.

Make Me Dream features bite-size chapters that are easy to digest at once. I think short chapters can be either well done or repressive to the story being told. In this case, the alternating povs and micro-shot chapters created a reading environment that felt natural as you flip through each page.

I love a good non-traditional ‘traditional’ romance. The kind that contains many of the the most common themes of the genre with a few pleasantly surprising elements or pushbacks against stereotypes outside what we’ve come to expect. I prefer when a book takes the best of a genre and runs with it while mixing things up.

Where the book shines is in its portrayal of romance at a crossroads of healing. The journey of mending oneself is well documented and consistent throughout the book. It was a storyline that developed organically with the guidance of the author. There was never a bump in the road in how this was portrayed and instead had the consistency of fine silk as the reader unravels the plot with each chapter.

Make Me Dream is certainly a book I enjoyed that will keep my eyes looking forward to the rest of the series. It’s a powerful opening for the rest of the books to follow.


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