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I Finished Writing A Book

In November of 2020, I finished a YA Fantasy novel I worked on for about a year. It's called The Sweetest of Sins - a title that is still a work in progress. My finished draft is the first in what I'm hoping to be somewhat of a series. I wrote half of the original idea in middle school then put it away with little thought afterwards. A couple of years ago, I discovered the original in my archives and I liked the bare bones of it. I decided to revisit it as a totally new work that I could now write as a fully functional adult.

I completely changed everything except the most basic of concepts in the book. It stayed a story about demons and angels but morphed from there. The story took the very few good aspects from the original and totally inverted them. In the updated version, as someone who has discovered their own identity, it became a paranormal fantasy book with a bisexual love triangle between two angels and a demon. It was kind of my exploration of my own beliefs around religion and what it means from the perspective of being gay.

Brief Description (WIP): Aurelia's world is that of darkness and black magic. Her very touch corrupts others before her pitch black eyes, eyes that mark her as a demon. This is a fact she has come to live with after countless losses, including that of the only woman she has ever loved.

In a time of demons and angels, a civil war will throw her right into the fray of battle. It will bring her closer to Alexander, an angel turned unlikely ally, who manages to look right past her armored exterior. Everything she knows and believes will be tested on her journey to save a world she isn't even sure is worth saving.

With the help of Alexander and a rebel band of supernatural creatures along the way, she will realize that there are fates far worse than hell fire.

Character Mood Boards

Aurelia (Ari) - Main Character and a Demon

Alexander- Angel and Love Interest

Zephryne - The Lost Human Love of Ari's Life


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