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Author Jessie Elliot Interview

I got the chance to interview author Jessie Elliot about her writing and books. She is a published author who has written the Twisted series. The series consists of the two published books Twisted Fate and Twisted Gift with a third coming next year.

Whether you're a reader or writer you're going to want to hear what she has to say .

  • How would you describe your story Twisted Gift?

Twisted Gift picks off where Twisted Fate left off. Aurora is struggling to adapt to her new life, both physically and mentally, along with missing the closeness she shared with Tristan. She’s going through a lot of new things, and she also starts hanging out with some new people. I’m very excited for readers to follow her on this new, exciting journey.

  • What inspired you to write the Twisted series?

I had read a book with fae and decided I wanted to write my own. That’s pretty much it, haha. The first idea that came to me was having my main character, a human, kidnapped by one of the fae. From there, the story developed into something I really fell in love with.

  • Did you approach the writing of your new book, Twisted Gift, different than the writing of Twisted Fate?

For the most part, no. I think the only thing I really did differently was outline a bit. I already knew who I was dealing with in terms of characters and personalities, so it was nice to be able to dive into a story already knowing my characters.

  • Has the process of writing this series changed the way you write in any way?

I’m not sure I can answer this yet. Ask me once I’ve started writing something outside of the Twisted world!

  • How is the release of the second book in the series different from the first?

I have a lot more insight on how to do things this time around, which is nice. This release also gives me an opportunity to direct new readers to the first book before they read the second.

  • How many drafts of Twisted Gift were there?

Oh, good question! If I am remembering correctly, there were about five.

  • What are you most excited for readers to see in your new book?

There’s a new character who happens to be one of my favorites. I think readers will enjoy him. That, and seeing Aurora take on a new, more active role in the fae world, even though she’s still so new to it.

  • Is there anything you wish you had known before beginning the writing process of these stories?

Hmm, I guess I wish I had stronger world building skills. It’s something I’m working on, and hopefully will be something I grow stronger in with every new book I write.

  • Once you get an idea for a story how much planning goes into it before you actually start writing?

I absolutely adore brainstorming stories. It’s something I’m constantly doing, so I like to take my time. However, as an author with deadlines, that isn’t always an option. It usually takes me 3-4 months from the conception of an idea to completing a first draft, depending on how long it is.

  • What’s your advice for new writers?

Don’t give up. If your story is something you’re passionate about, have patience. It will happen for you.

  • What can you tell us about future projects? And what can we expect next from you?

Yes! Currently, I’m working on a novella in the Twisted world, which will be coming out Spring 2019. After that, I’m hoping to start outlining an upper YA paranormal type romance. I’d also love to write a romantic comedy, but we’ll see where things go!

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