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Twisted Series Review

Title: Twisted Fate/Twisted Gift

Genre: New Adult

Rating: ★★★★(4/5)

The Twisted Series, a debut by author Jessi Elliot, is one that manages to hold its own in the publishing world. It is a story of a woman in her final year of college who is “kidnapped” by the fae leader in an unfortunate, or very fortunate depending on how you look at it, case of mistaken identity.

The first chapter, while seemingly starting off as your average YA story, ends in a way that compels you to read more. Out of the gate, there is an interesting dynamic between the main character, Aurora, and the fae leader, Tristan. The chemistry between them is electric and is a driving force behind what makes the story great. It is a story that, as extravagant and fantastical as it may be, is peppered with scenes of intimacy and love.

The writing style is smooth and flows easily as you read. The first book helps to establish the world where they live with interwoven details that don’t feel like a gigantic info-dump. The books fit together like perfect matching puzzle pieces that don’t jolt the reader in the transition between them. They are books that are able to balance the seriousness with the comedic relief well. One of the most prominent examples of this is the refreshing and genuinely funny banter of Aurora and Tristan.

The sex scenes in the first book didn’t feel gratuitous but rather also worked to further the characters relationships. Considering this though, some of the sex scenes in the second book seemed a bit less necessary. But, despite this, I can appreciate that they were well written even without my ability to find the purpose at times.

The ending was one that managed to tie up loose ends while also establishing a logical sequel. The ending did feel a bit rushed at first, like the author was trying to cram an ending into an established amount of pages, but it was a brief period that was well resolved by the last few pages.






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